Saturday, 13 August 2011

Welcome Back!

Oh my goossshhhh! I have been LOST without the internet! I've just realised that it has been TWO WHOLE MONTHS since the last time I posted on here. My my, it's good to be connected again.
I didn't realise, until a month and a half ago, how dependant I had become on the internet. In my first year at college (which, I have just had pointed out to me, was SIX years ago. Jeeez, Im old.) I wrote an article for the local paper titled, something to the effect of, I Prefer Real People Rather Than The Computer Screen, Thanks. In which I proceeded to trash people who had become obsessed with things like MSN Messenger and MySpace (both at the height of their popularity in 2005). At the time, I didn't have a computer at home, a mother eternally in debt will do that to you. So looking back, I realise that the majority of that article was written with a distinct tone of bitter jealousy, not that I would have admitted that at the time.
Little did I know, when I finally got access to the internet, how increasingly dependant I would become on it. These last few weeks have felt like I've been walking round in an uninformed daze. Who did Blake Lively wear to the Teen Choice Awards? What has Emily Schuman cooked and worn this week? Did Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgaard really break up? These are all important questions that I needed answers to, but without access to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Cupcakes and Cashmere, or the Daily Mail, I was lost.
I have always been to Go-To Girl for what people often refer to as 'useless information'. Do you need answers to something celebrity, fashion or American TV related? I'm your girl. Or, I was your girl. Then I lost the connection to my sources and I had nothing, nada, nowt. I felt like a shell of old information, but hey, at least I now know how magazines feel.
So when the Gods at Orange finally connected the internet at my new house yesterday, I spent SIX HOURS digesting the last 8 weeks of 'news' that I've missed. Twenty pages of Red Carpet Fashion Awards, five pages of Cupcakes and Cashmere and countless Daily Mail stories later I had had my fill and felt satisfyingly full of useless information.