Thursday, 29 July 2010


I absolutely love Olivia Palermo, star of MTV's The City. Now, not having Sky means that I don't really watch The City, I've seen the majority of the first season and that's it. But, I'm kind of glad that I haven't seen a lot of it, because Olivia is painted as a bitch, and I tend to dislike bitches from the get-go (with the exception of a few, namely Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions).

And what a visual treat I would have missed out on! Palermo's style is SPOT ON every time she is photographed. Yes, I know that she is obviously styled by someone else for these pictures, but her personal style is amazing. I'm not a big wearer of accessories but Olivia makes me want to be accessorised, she always has the perfect bag, shoes and (of course) statement necklace to go with her outfit. She is smack bang in the middle of preppy, chic and edgy, which, in my opinion, is a fabulous place to be, with an amazing view!

Also (don't worry, I'm going to stop obsessing in a moment) she has the glossiest, healthiest looking hair I have seen in a LONG while. No 'just-got-out-of-bed-and-couldn't-be-bothered-to-brush-my-hair' looks for this Upper East Sider, a sleek blow out or perfect tumbling curls is the only way to go.

These photographs are from the most recent issue of ASOS magazine showcasing up-and-coming AW trends. I can't help but wish there was at least one photo where she is smiley and happy, like in this video .
Can't deny she is very beautiful though, even with a stern face.
(All pictures pinched from, which is so good and you should really check it out)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


The bouf is back! You read it here first (or second, or maybe third, whatever...) the sixties beehive/backcomb is back. Due to the HUGELY popular Mad Men, all things ladylike are back in fashion, and that includes style and set hair.
I love this look, especially paired with catflick eyeliner as seen in the 2nd (Annica for Elle Greece, Aug2010) and 3rd (Mona for Elle Sweden, Aug 2010) image. My pick of this bunch has to be either Laetitia casta's sexy-cute boufytail for Vogue Russia or Karlie Kloss' half up-half down blow out for Vogue US (both Aug2010).
This could be a look that I channel for my 21st at the end of next month I feel.
Will you be supersizing your hair?


Hot damn! Jessica Biel has been making some seriously awesome sartorial choices lately. This latest outfit, at the London premiere of The A Team (which I hear is recieving good reviews, which is a shocker) is the cherry on top of a fantasic promotional tour. This morning, the Daily Mail (from whom this picture is pinched) is reporting on Jessica's underwear flashing mistake. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be able to see her underwear though, no? Either way, I think it looks fabulous. It keeps the grown up gown young and funky for Biel, which is a change as many young-hollywood stars can over-do it for premieres. I also love that my favourite look has happened at the London premiere, sometimes the best you can hope for is smart/casual when they're here for promo (yes, I'm looking at you Cameron Diaz at the Knight and Day premiere).
As The A Team is (obviously) aimed at the male masses, this dress has just enough sex appeal to make the men weep, but is subtle enough not to put off the women. Her hair is also very beautiful, gorgeous colour, length, thickness and waves. I am in love with this look from top-to-toe. I wonder if she would lend me this dress for my 21st? A girl can dream...
Do you think Jessica shut it down at The A Team premiere?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I have just found this candid shot of Sienna Miller, and I absolutely love it! The reason I love it so much (apart from the fact that it's Sienna Miller) is because it reminds me of old pictures of my Mum from the 80s and early 90s. She had the wavy blonde hair with a chunky fringe and a penchant for leather. I'm going to try and find an image of her to post to show you what I mean.

I LOVE Sienna's fringe (or 'bangs' if you like). Shae has also been sporting that happy glow that she'd been lacking for a little while, no doubt due to the new/ old love in her life. I love Love, especially when it looks as good as this.

Sienna is one of my favourite style icons. She never looks to try hard, and her sartorial choices always look fresh (unlike a past-it looking Ms Moss). Do you prefer Sienna to Kate?


June/ July Round Up

Its been all systems go for a while around here. I have secured myself a work placement for the 'sandwich' year of my university course. I'm working at a trade magazine publishers in Huddersfield, they produce 5 magazines aimed at people in the fashion retail/ buying business, so it's giving me great experience of working in a professional journalism environment.

Anything I do that's worth posting I'll stick it up here.

I've also been on holiday to Spain with the boyfriend, R. I'll post some of my favourite pictures in the next entry. The holiday was fabulous, SO HOT! We went to Barcelona for a day too, round the football ground and then into the centre. So annoyed because my camera battery died as we left the football stadium! I was dying to go look at some of Gaudi's famous works but I decided against it as 1) we only had an hour and a half, and 2) going without a camera seemed daft! I'm definatly going to have to go to Barcelona for a full weekend to fit in everything I want to do there! I'm sure the photos would make a lovely post for here. So enjoy the photos from my most recent jaunt and I'll no doubt post again pretty soon as work is S-L-O-W!