Tuesday, 27 July 2010

June/ July Round Up

Its been all systems go for a while around here. I have secured myself a work placement for the 'sandwich' year of my university course. I'm working at a trade magazine publishers in Huddersfield, they produce 5 magazines aimed at people in the fashion retail/ buying business, so it's giving me great experience of working in a professional journalism environment.

Anything I do that's worth posting I'll stick it up here.

I've also been on holiday to Spain with the boyfriend, R. I'll post some of my favourite pictures in the next entry. The holiday was fabulous, SO HOT! We went to Barcelona for a day too, round the football ground and then into the centre. So annoyed because my camera battery died as we left the football stadium! I was dying to go look at some of Gaudi's famous works but I decided against it as 1) we only had an hour and a half, and 2) going without a camera seemed daft! I'm definatly going to have to go to Barcelona for a full weekend to fit in everything I want to do there! I'm sure the photos would make a lovely post for here. So enjoy the photos from my most recent jaunt and I'll no doubt post again pretty soon as work is S-L-O-W!

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