Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Paramore: A Not-So-Secret Love

So, (I start a lot of blog posts with “so” huh?) Friday 19th November will go down in my own personal history as being one of the best moments of my life. I saw Paramore live for the 5th time, and they absolutely rocked my socks off. If you have never heard a Paramore song, you really should do it…right now! Because I’m telling you my friend, you’re missing out big time.

Paramore, natives of Franklin, Tennessee, started life 6 years ago and have been on the ascent ever since. I cannot express my love for this band enough. Hayley Williams (lead vocalist) said a lot on Friday night, she has since said on Twitter that she felt like she talked too much:

“Such a good show. I talked and talked and sounded like an insane person on the mic but I think everyone was still into it...”

Everyone was still into it, and I watched people hang off her every word. That woman is a goddess. She said something, whilst thanking the crowd for helping Brand New Eyes go platinum in the UK, along the lines of ‘support music everyday, because music will always be there to support you’, and she couldn’t be more right. If you’ve had a shit day, there is nothing like a playlist of your favourite songs to cheer you up, and when you’ve had an awesome day, don’t you feel like you just want to go out and dance you’re ass off to some good music? I know I do.

And whether you’re feeling lighthearted or heartbroken, there is nothing like Paramore to soundtrack your feelings. Seriously guys, this group of talented individuals have written a song for nearly every situation you could have come across in your teen/ young adult life. (Before you start beefin, I said nearly, so don’t be pointing out what they haven’t written about because I ain’t interested).

The opening to Paramore’s Friday night show made me scream so loud, I thought I was going to pass out. Flashing lights lit the band from behind and projected their shadows onto the giant curtain that was between them and us as they played the goosebump-inducing opening chords to Ignorance. The curtain was then dropped from the top of the stage to reveal the band in full rock out mode, which then caused me to jump up and down on what I thought was a dropped bottle. I later realized that this was the person behind me’s foot. Oops. The set included old favourites as well as new, which perfectly matched the crowd. Midway through the show, Hayley asked the audience who had been to a Paramore show before, this was followed by a respectable loud cheer (the loudest, obviously coming from my surprisingly large lungs). She then asked who was currently at their first Paramore show, which saw one of the loudest screams of the night. Paramore’s appeal continues to gather momentum, and they’re picking up a lot of fans on the way. Of course there will always be haters with their “they’re just pop masquerading as rock” type comments, but when a band can generate screams as loud as I heard on Friday, the haters are soon drowned out.

After a wobble post-RIOT!, the band are back in tip top shape, and it shows. The pre-almost-breakup awkwardness and tired faces, have been replaced with a renewed sense of ‘this is where we belong’ type energy. The band have re-gelled and now perform as a whole, rather than a singer and her backing band which they had started to become. Of course, this was through no fault of their own, it was simply over-hype from the media. “OH MY GOD! Wow! It’s such a novelty that a GIRL can front a ROCK BAND! Lets all jump on the bandwagon and make a huge deal out of her and not the rest of the equally as talented members”. Erm, yeah, thanks Media for contributing to the almost-breakup of one of the best bands in the world.

Anyway… Me and my concert companion, B, were discussing the atmosphere after the show. She told me that she had been to see Kate Nash a couple of weeks ago, and although the music was good, there was no atmosphere. She didn’t play B’s favourite songs, nor did she interact with her audience. You know, the people who are buying her music and tickets for her shows and generally supporting her so she can carry on doing what she does? This is another reason why I love Paramore so much, they make plenty of time for their fans, they talk to us during their shows and their love for us is just as big as our love for them. Which other bands do you see selling out arenas and still inviting fans up on stage to sing with them at the climax of the show? This happened on Friday, a group of fans who had been on the front row for every UK show of the tour were pulled up on stage by Hayley to sing the closing lines of Misery Business. I mean, how cool is that? I would hate the guy who got to sing with Hayley, but it was touching to see how clearly amazed this kid was, so I put my bottle of wee down (kidding, obviously! Who pees in bottles? I wasn’t at an 80s Guns n Roses gig for cheesus’ sake).

I could go on and on about my love for Paramore, but there isn’t enough time in the day I’m afraid, and I want to post this before it goes too far past the sell-by date. I’m sure a lot of it is ramblings, but in a rush to get out all my feelings about one of the best nights of my life I tried to make most of it coherent.

Long live Paramore, because “we’re just getting started”.

P.S. New ambition in life: Marry Jeremy Davis.

Monday, 22 November 2010

In Disguise

Sometimes it's surprising how different someone can look with a new hairstyle.

When Favourites Collide

Here's what happens when one of my favourite designers (Marchesa) and favourite celebrities (Miley Cyrus) work together. STUNNING.

My Number One Girl Crush

"I mean, who actually wants to see me headbang in an evening dress? NOT ME!"

Hayley Williams on the modifyed Marilyn Monroe inspired dress that she will wear to rock out for the troops on VH1's DIVAS Salute the Troops on 5th December.

NOTE: I would LOVE to see Hayley Williams headbang in an evening dress.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


So, by now, we’ve seen most of the glossy’s December covers and inside shoots. But, I’ve only just come across these images of Taylor Swift who covers Allure’s end of year issue.

As I’ve said before, I really love it when stylists do something different with Taylor’s wholesome look. And, as these images prove, when people think outside the box, results can be wonderfully dramatic.

Her wild hair and sultry make up is a world away from the Taylor we’re used to seeing, singing country songs about teenage angst and unrequited love. This grown up version of Taylor looks like she would sing rock-tinged power ballads about being a strong, independent woman. I have Christina Aguilera’s Fighter in my head now.

I think Taylor’s regular stylists should try new things more often. As her 21st birthday is in December, perhaps this shoot is a coming of age kind of event. I hope we see Sexy Swift more often, as she looks amazing.

Back with a Bang

The other big news yesterday, was, of course, the release of images from Tom Ford’s first ever namesake womenswear collection.

Huge news in the fashion world, as, ever since Ford left his post as the Creative Director of Gucci, women have been praying for him to do womenswear once again. The photos, which feature models including Amber Valetta, Karen Elson and Anja Rubik, show that his collection is less about trends and more about creating clothes that women will love season after season. Classic glamour with a twist (a Tom Ford signature) is the backbone of the collection judging from these images.

My favourite look has to be either the backless black dress in the second image or the metallic jacket in the fifth. Both are pieces that would last forever without dating. I’m just having a wild guess here, but who else thinks that these ‘Forever Pieces’ will have a lifetime’s-worth-of-wear price tag to match?

He Liked It, So He 'Put a Ring On It'.

After yesterday’s rumours of Issa being the front runner to design 2011’s Dress of the Year, Kate Middleton chose one of the label’s designs to wear for the official press announcement of her engagement to Prince William.
The gorgeous blue silk jersey number was a perfect choice, showing off her lovely figure whilst still being demure enough for a future Princess. Obviously we’ve all been aware of Kate over the years, but I’ve never really taken a lot of notice of her fashion choices. She always looks very well put together, so well, perhaps, that it leans on the side of boring. I hope her engagement announcement dress is the start of new things to come, she still looks well put together, but ‘boring’ is replaced with ‘chic’.

And how gorgeous is her thick, long, glossy hair? In fact, she’s glowing all over in this photo, and that, ladies and gentleman, is the look of love *cue the song*.

The ring isn’t quite to my taste, but no-one can judge the sentiment behind it. William has given Kate his mother’s engagement ring. At the press conference yesterday he said:

“It’s very special to me, and Kate is very special to me now as well, so it’s only right the two are put together. It’s my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out on today and the excitement and the fact that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

For even the most cold-hearted people, that statement is very touching. And for that reason, although old fashioned, the ring is a perfect choice for the future king to give to his future bride.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Picture of the Day

I literally NEED these shoes in my life.

As seen on Sarah Jessica Parker at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows New York premiere.

Princess Kate

Big new is the British press today: Prince William and Kate Middleton have (finally) officially announced their engagement. HRH and Waity Katie, as the tabloids so nicely dubbed the Prince’s girlfriend of 8 years, will marry in the spring or summer of next year. So the bookies are already all over this story, with 13th August 2011 being the hot date to put your money on. ‘Experts’ on all aspects of wedding planning are being quizzed: “Where will they have it?” “Who will be invited?” “What flowers will they choose?” “What flavour will their cake be?” and, most importantly, “Who will design The Dress?” (yes, capital T, capital D, as this dress is bound to set trends for bridal seasons to come).

Even though it has been less than 3 hours since the official announcement, names are already been thrown about by reporters. The first hot tip that I’ve picked out of the scrum so far is Brazilian-born, London-based label, Issa, who Kate is already a fan of. I posted pictures of the Issa spring/ summer 2011 collection during London Fashion Week in September, you may remember my love of the Grecian looking toga-like gowns in bright colours. To refresh your memory, this was my favourite look of the collection:

I find myself feeling quite excited about these pending nuptials, as recent readers will know how fond I am of a wedding. I imagine that the Princess-in-waiting will choose something simple and classic that won’t look dated in years to come. I can’t really see Kate in an over the top Princess Diana style wedding gown, more something subtle with a hint of detail, possibly in the form of a lace overlay. A tiara or magnificent jewels will of course be included in the royal ensemble. I’m trying to find something to illustrate the idea I have, and I have just come across this image from Monique Lhuillier’s Fall 2011 Bridal collection. LOVE it!

I have also found myself drawn back to Lhuillier’s sketch interpretation of Twilight’s Bella Swan wedding dress. This is the exact shape I mean, and, minus the bow at the waist, how gorgeous would Kate look in something similar to this?

Hot Gossip

Another day, another fashion filled event. This time it was Vogue’s Fashion Fund awards that had the best dressed guests.

My favourite on screen couple, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick (Blair and Chuck in Gossip Girl for all the aliens reading this), looked scrumptiously stylish at the event. Leighton wore a custom created dress by (First Lady fave) Prabal Gurung, whilst Ed looked dapper in his casual striped jacket and un-buttoned shirt combo. Ed always looks slightly creepy in photo’s, and if it was anyone else I would even dare to call them slimy, but you can tell that he’d be a charmer rather than a sleaze. Whilst I know I should be cringing at this pose, I find myself swooning instead.

Chace Crawford (note to aliens: Nate Archibald) also looked suitably swoon worthy at the event, although his suit looks like it’s made out of linen and therefore could have done with a steam before it was sent down the red carpet. Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) also looked lovely. I keep finding myself thinking “Do I actually really like Blake’s style, or do I just feel like I SHOULD?” She’s so hit and miss, one minute she looks hot and the next she wears something so WTF that it makes me double think. But I was glad to find my lady love for Blake rekindled after seeing photos of her at the Fashion Fund Awards. For someone who doesn’t use a stylist (although I’m pretty sure she has Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld on speed dial), when she gets it right, you have to hand it to her, she gets it RIGHT. She looks fabulous in this Chanel dress (thanks Uncle K), I’m pretty sure it will divide opinion. All that see-throughness may be a little too much for some folk, but die-hard fashion followers are bound to love it. My only problem? I can’t help but find myself screaming WHY DIDN’T YOU WEAR A BLACK BRA?!

Also looking notably cute at this particular soiree were Anna Paquin and Karlie Kloss. Another two of my favourites in fashion circles, as you will well know if you are a regular reader. Not so sure about Karlie’s kooky glasses, but hey-ho, the dress is gorgeous.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Picture of the Day

I want to dye my hair pink for Friday

Gwyneth the Goddess

Now this is how to make an entrance. My blog would not be complete without a post dedicated to this bombshell fashion moment courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow.

This Atelier Versace couture dress was completely owned by Paltrow on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards. There is not one thing that I dislike about this look. In fact, I adore this so much that I would go as far to say that it could be my Favourite Red Carpet Moment of the Year.

The pink, grey-purple and white ombre dress with crystal detailing is stunning, and the marble effect Christian Louboutin shoes are almost as equally lustworthy. Statement earring(s) and sleek side swept hair complete the look without over-doing it.

So, what are the chances of an identical high street copy of this dress for me to purchase? Slim-to-none? Yeah, I thought so.

Leighton Meester also looked as wonderful as always at the CMAs. She wore a Pucci dress with Jimmy Choo shoes I would literally kill for.

Gwyneth also gave a performance of the title track from her new film, Country Strong. I'm loving the red carpet appearances from the film’s two stars so far. Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester on the same red carpet? Fabulous.

Ones to Watch: Rising Starlets

You would be forgiven for thinking that these photos are of the same person. In fact, they are pictures of Elle and Dakota Fanning, the sister act taking Hollywood, and the fashion world, by storm.

I love the style of these little ladies. They both have a love for frothy princess style dresses by designers such as Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Marchesa. Is it wrong that I’m lusting after the wardrobes of these two? Bearing in mind that Dakota is 16 and Elle is just 12! 12 years old and she’s wearing the Holy Grail that is Marchesa? What are you talking about, I’m not even slightly jealous…

No doubt we will see plenty of their style choices on the Best Dressed lists over the coming years, as these two continue on their rise to the top of both the acting and fashion A List.

Glamour at the Gala

The MoCA Annual Gala (some kind of fancy art gallery event) played host to some fabulously dressed fashionistas in Los Angeles over the weekend.

My favourite look has to be Kate Bosworth in this gorgeous lace detailed dress by Chanel, closely followed by Liz Goldwyn who wore a similar style black lace panelled dress. Chanel Fine Jewellery sponsored the event, so the brand dressed a few of the evening’s attendees, including Kirsten Dunst (who really looks like Naomi Watts, how have I not noticed this before?) and Rachel Bilson.

It seems that the LBD may have competition from the new trend of Little White Dresses. Mila Kunis and Dasha Zhukova both chose virginal minis for the party. As much as I love Mila Kunis (and her gorgeous hair) I’m going to have to say that Dasha wore my favourite LWD, with the pop of colour from her emerald satin shoes giving her the edge. I have a feeling the dress may be by Rodarte, as Dasha was photographed with Kate and Laura Mulleavy inside the event and she is known to be a fan of their work. The hem is also slightly dishevelled, and there is something just a little bit ‘off’ about the dress, but ‘off’ in the good way which only Rodarte know how to do.

Thanks must also go out to Rachel Griffiths and Rose McGowan, to whom I am grateful for introducing a pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatically styled event.