Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hot damn! Jessica Biel has been making some seriously awesome sartorial choices lately. This latest outfit, at the London premiere of The A Team (which I hear is recieving good reviews, which is a shocker) is the cherry on top of a fantasic promotional tour. This morning, the Daily Mail (from whom this picture is pinched) is reporting on Jessica's underwear flashing mistake. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be able to see her underwear though, no? Either way, I think it looks fabulous. It keeps the grown up gown young and funky for Biel, which is a change as many young-hollywood stars can over-do it for premieres. I also love that my favourite look has happened at the London premiere, sometimes the best you can hope for is smart/casual when they're here for promo (yes, I'm looking at you Cameron Diaz at the Knight and Day premiere).
As The A Team is (obviously) aimed at the male masses, this dress has just enough sex appeal to make the men weep, but is subtle enough not to put off the women. Her hair is also very beautiful, gorgeous colour, length, thickness and waves. I am in love with this look from top-to-toe. I wonder if she would lend me this dress for my 21st? A girl can dream...
Do you think Jessica shut it down at The A Team premiere?

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