Friday, 6 August 2010

Lucy Hale

PLL So, I’ve just started watching a new TV show called Pretty Little Liars. It sounded like the kind of thing that I would like. High school setting? Check. Good looking cast? Check. Scandal and intrigue? Check. Made by The CW, ABC or HBO? Check.

Anyway, what I didn’t count on was finding a possible new style crush. Step forward Lucy Hale. You may recognise her from the cancelled series Privileged, which I enjoyed, but apparently that was just me and three other people on the planet.

In PLL she plays Aria, an ex-goth (if a pink streak in your hair counts as being a goth, apparently on ABC Family, it does) who has recently returned to her hometown of Rosewood, after her family’s year-long sabbatical in Iceland. You can fill the rest of the story in yourself by watching the series, but trust me, it’s going to be good!

Aria (gorgeous name to begin with) has a cool style. She’s all pretty dresses with over-the-knee socks, toughened up with a leather jacket and boots.

The dress that she wears in the pilot episode is a great example of typical Aria style. A great pattern in a super cute, girly cut.Aria

But, for me, it’s always about the hair and make up. Where as the clothes are something I can lust after, hair and make up is something that I can actually (attempt to) recreate. In the show they seem to use a lot of soft pinks, mauves and browns on Hale’s eyes, with the obligatory black defining liner and luscious lashes. She has fantastic brows! I’m currently in the process of growing mine out, years of over plucking have left them a little thin, but I’m aiming for the Lucy Hale brow now. Subtle blush and pink gloss finishes the look.Aria1

What I really, really love about Lucy is her amazing hair! It’s so shiny and long and full of volume! I love the style, it’s not straight or wavy it just has movement. How do you recreate that? Is it a blow out with a round brush, set on heated or Velcro rollers, or blow dried and pinned to set a loose wave? If anyone has an answer, please let me know!

The reason I decided to watch PLL is because of this editorial from WhoWhatWear. I subscribe to their mailing list, and this was sent through. I love the styling from top-to-toe. It’s totally nailed the 60s trend, which is all about youth and vitality! My two favourite images are the leopard print jacket, I love the ponytail and (again) the eyebrows. And the pink jacket & printed tights combo, love the pose (do you call it a pose when it’s mid-air?) look how bouncy her hair is! *Swoon*


So what do you think? A style icon in the making or just another pretty face in a crowd?

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays in the US on the ABC Family network. If you’re as impatient as me, you can watch it via links from

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