Monday, 6 September 2010

Crushing on Coppola

I’m currently nursing a cold, so I was very much looking forward to catching up on the weekend’s Venice Film Festival looks for a bit of a glamorous up lift. I wasn’t disappointed as there was some gorgeous looks on the red carpet at the premiere of Sofia Coppola’s new film, Somewhere. A lot of the guests wore Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs looks due to, I’m guessing, the director’s close friendship with Marc Jacobs.

My absolute favourite looks at the event were from the stars of the show: lead actress, Elle Fanning and the director herself, Sofia Coppola.

I can’t believe that Elle is just 12 years old! And she gets to wear some amazing designer dresses. Great style and poise must run in the family, as older sister Dakota always gets it right on the red carpet too. I also get the feeling that these two young actresses won’t take wearing such gowns for granted, as in interviews I’ve read/ seen them in, they both seem very grounded. This pretty blue and green mini dress from Marc Jacob’s latest collection (Resort 2011) is a perfect choice for the pre-teen. It’s not slutty or too over-the-top, but it’s grown up enough for her to be taken a little more seriously that a ‘child star’. The double strap Mary-Jane’s, a swishy ponytail and fresh face all perfectly complete the look.

I love Sofia’s look. For someone who’s best mates with Marc Jacobs, she can sometimes look quite dowdy on the red carpet , always sticking to dark colours. But this Louis Vuitton look is perfect for her. The use of black complements her subtle taste, but the fit and flare dress style and sheer yolk neckline with a Peter Pan collar makes it interesting. The skinny belt, patent bag and dainty wedge sandals are also a welcome change to the plain and simple accessories Coppola usually sports. I was going to say that I would have loved to see her mix it up and wear the yellow dress as it was shown on the runway, but I’m not sure the colour would have suited her on second thought. I think I was just hoping for a little colour, but that would probably never happen. Note to Sofia: if you could mix it up at future Somewhere premieres, maybe just by adding a colour-pop bag or pair of shoes? Thanks!

I think Sofia Coppola is definitely a girl’s director. Her films are always so prettily shot. I haven’t seen Lost in Translation yet (still!) but I’m going to have to download it. I love The Virgin Suicides, the lighting was gorgeous all the way through that film, but then super dark and depressing in al the right places. But my favourite Coppola production is definitely Marie Antoinette. Again, it had beautifully soft lighting and a gorgeous, mainly pastel, colour palette. Some of my favourite scenes are set at the historic Petit Trianon, which was Marie Antoinette’s ‘own private sanctuary’ with in the grounds of Versailles. Kirsten Dunst looks beautiful in these shots, very natural and girlish in comparison to the over blown powdered wigs and made up faces that haunt the Versailles parties. Rose Byrne is one of my favourite parts of this film, she’s hysterical as the permanently pissed Duchesse de Polignac. Especially the “I love your hair…what’s going on their?” line. Fabulous! In fact, I think I may have to watch Marie Antoinette when I get in later tonight…

Coppola’s new film, Somewhere, is set in modern times at the legendary Chateau Marmont. It looks great from the trailer: an ‘absent-father-gets-sent-his-young-daughter-to-look-after-which-saves-him-from-self-destruction’ type film I’m guessing. I’m sure it will be fabulous anyway, here’s the trailer to whet your appetite:

Venice Film Festival pictures pinched from Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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