Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Coveting Chloé

Oh my gosh, I want the Chloé collection so badly! SS 11 is throwing some gorgeously feminine silhouettes out there. I have seen some beautiful floaty chiffon dresses and full skirts that I am dying to have hanging in my wardrobe. I have a weakness for anything that could possibly make me look like a Disney princess (I refuse to believe that just because I’m technically a ‘grown up’ or whatever that I can’t still dream to one day be a princess…) therefore, the new Chloé collection is (adopts a Geordie accent in the style of Cheryl talking to Cher Lloyd) “right up my street”.

I’m seriously praying that the high street will do some amazing (and affordable) copies of these pleated wonders. I want to be able to swan around in a regal fashion, pretending I’m a ballerina and random points of my choosing, and the Chloé collection (or copies of it) would allow me to do just this.

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