Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Parisienne Chic

After my gushing Chloé post yesterday, I bring you yet another lovey dovey post about the eternally elegant Clémence Poésy. First brought to our (well, my) attention playing the role of Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, this gorgeous Parisienne has the kind of style that I will spend my life trying to recreate.

Anyone who knows me, will know that I dress pretty simply. I’m not a fan of jewelry or lots of accessories, even though I feel like I should be after seeing how amazing they make Olivia Palermo look. But the gorgeous Clémence proves that you don’t have to embellish to be stylish. I love how simple she keeps her look, favouring labels such as Chloe (for whom she is the face of their eponymous fragrance, bottom picture) and Chanel to showcase her classic French chic.

There are quite a lot of images on this post, but I just simply couldn’t whittle them down without missing out a gorgeous look. I’m sure you will appreciate them nevertheless. The first five images are of Poésy at various events, mainly Chanel fashion shows of course. Her she is showing off her natural flair for fashion. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t work with a stylist, but if she does I can imagine that she would have a lot of input into the final look as everything she wears just looks incredibly and naturally effortless. I’m also loving the darker shade of blonde that she’s sporting at the Chanel SS11 show (top image) and the tousled waves, which you know I’m a HUGE fan of.

The next eight images are of her in character mode as Eva in Gossip Girl, the new French girlfriend of super hot Chuck Bass. Eric Daman (the stylist on Gossip Girl) has done an amazing job with this character, she is French chic personified but not in a clichéd way. Perfection. I’m particularly in love with the Carlos Miele dress (5th from the bottom) she wore in the Fashion’s Night Out episode (The Undergraduates). With her hair un-done and fresh make up, she puts the other characters to shame with her natural gorgeousness.

I think channeling the French, particularly the Parisienne, way of dressing is the way forward for me. Simple, stylish and chic are my keywords of the month. Now, where did I put my berét?

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