Monday, 18 October 2010

Spots Are The New Stripes

Whilst I was browsing on Fashion Gone Rogue recently I came across this picture from an editorial in Latin American Vogue magazine’s October 2010 issue. After recently losing some weight I’m really keen on trying out the ‘jazzy pants’ trend as I like to call it. There are so many different trouser styles around at the moment in some fabulous patterns that look awesome in pictures like the one above. Looks like I need to get my self on ASOS.

I particularly like these lovelies as I have a bit of a fashion crush on leopard print at the moment. As well as the pants, I’m dying to get my hands on a leopard print coat. I’ve found one on, but at £98.00, it’s a little bit pricey. Or could I see it as an investment piece? Leopard print coats seem to constantly go in and out of fashion, would it be money well spent (in a trench coat/ perfect jeans/ cashmere way) or money well wasted (in a jump on the one-hit-wonder trend bandwagon way)? Here are some pictures of Lily Donaldson and Alexa Chung looking lovely in their leopard furs. They're really tempting me to just go for it and buy one…

I have a purple copy of this Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf. If someone ever bought me a real one of these I think I’d faint from happiness and then pledge my eternal love to said person.

So if you fancy some eternal love from me, you know what to do :) …

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