Wednesday, 10 November 2010


From the pictures I’ve seen so far, BFF & Baby is going to be quite a cutely styled film. Two of my biggest style crushes, Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth, are playing lead characters, joined by ex Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars star, Krysten Ritter. From the pictures I’ve gathered, it seems like Krysten might be getting a rough deal in the wardrobe department as she’s looking a little dowdy compared to RB and KB. Although, she has posted some cool pictures of them all on-set on her Twitter page, so we’ll let her off. I absolutely LOVE Rachel Bilson’s gingham crop top outfit. This picture, and the one at the bottom, brings back very fond memories of The OC’s Summer Roberts and her penchant for over the top outfits. I miss Summer Roberts…and Little Miss Vixen…and Seth Cohen. I miss The OC…

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