Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mind the Gap

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on Georgia May Jagger for the last yearish, so I feel that now is about the right time to do a post about her. Especially as she has just landed herself yet another Vogue cover, this time she fronts the December 2010 issue of the Australian edition. And doesn’t she look gorgeous whilst doing so? I had a flick through GM’s profile on and posts about her on Fashion Gone Rogue and I’ve picked out a selection of my favourite images from the last year.

So the reason I started watching out for Georgia May is purely because she has a gap in her teeth. After the explosion of Lara Stone onto the fashion scene and the continual rising star of Jessica Hart (whom I aim to do a post about in the near future), it seems that gap toothedness is the way forward. I ♥ gap teeth. To celebrate this wonderful quirk, here are my favourite gap toothed cuties…

Lara Stone

Jessica Hart

Anna Paquin

Violet Affleck

P.S. Don't you think that if they ever need someone to play a young Sookie in True Blood, they should totally hire Violet Affleck? She's the spitting image of Anna Paquin!

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