Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Delightful Diane

I’ve long admired Diane Kruger’s style. She seems very effortless in her attempts, and always seems to have fantastic footwear. She is also the girlfriend of Joshua ‘Peter Bishop from Fringe’ Jackson, so she gets extra kudos for that. (I’m so obsessed with Fringe right now, me and the BF devoured season one in about 5 sittings!)

Anyway, here are some recent pictures of Diane to illustrate why I admire her style so much. And, I swear, Joshua is only in the pictures because I couldn’t find any of Diane on her own in these outfits…honest…

The last image is of Diane at last night’s Vogue/ Gucci dinner hosted by Carine Roitfeld for Frida Giannini. I couldn’t do this post without including another 3 girls who looked gorgeous at this event. First we have Olivia Wilde who looked stunning in a jade green silk top and harem style trousers. Then we have Tali Lennox, who looked scarily thin, but her dress was stunning so I had to feature her (seriously though Tali, please go home and eat a Big Mac). And last but not least there’s Jessica Alba. Although she’s frequently voted one of the sexiest women in the world, I don’t quite understand the fuss, she normally looks very plain and slightly sulky to me. She does, however, look lovely at this event. Her dress is stunning, but her hair is a bit too ‘mumsy’ for my liking.

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