Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fresh Faced for the New Year

Although we’re only a few days into 2011, the February magazine issues are already on stands. From the cover images that have been released so far, I’ve picked my favourites here.

I’m loving both the Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham glossy covers, for Elle and Vogue’s UK editions.

Cheryl looks her ever beautiful self staring from the front of Elle, those cheekbones make me sick with jealousy! I’m not to fond of the tagline though: CHERYL The Rebirth. It makes me think of this gross afterbirth stuff that came out of my dog when she had puppies, and that is just not the kind of thought you want to have whilst looking at a fashion magazine.

The Victoria cover is gorgeous too. I love how natural her makeup is, and that she is wearing a simple Stella McCartney jumper and not some over complicated frothy piece of couture. The tagline, The Vogue Interview, is all you need to use to sell this. Although I’m pretty sure that even if there was no text at all, minus ‘Vogue’, on the cover, it would still be a big hit. Fashion consumers love a bit of Beckham.

Also looking incredible, whilst pregnant no-less, is Abbey Clancy on the cover of Glamour. I love that she can carry off pigtails and a kitsch jumper without looking like a moron (which I, undoubtedly, would). I want to wait until I see the editorial to judge this fully, but so far so good. I love a bit of Abbey.

Even though I’m not a twelve-year-old American girl, my favourite February cover I have seen so far has to be Justin Bieber’s Vanity Fair debut. I love how the stylists have gone down the heartthrob/ romance road for their February issue (in my opinion, Valentines Day should be a national holiday). This kiss marks and (what I assume is Bieber’s attempt at) a charming smile, I predict, will be a big seller for Vanity Fair. Although it’s very early in the game, I would put money on this being the publication’s biggest selling issue of the year. There is no doubting the Power of The Biebs.

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