Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lets Play A Game at NYFW

Are you excited? If you’re a fan of fashion then you should be, as fashion month is about to get into full swing. New York Fashion Week kicks off proceedings tomorrow, and in celebration of this glorious fact, here are some things to look out for, Where’s Wally-style, whilst you scour the fashion sites over the next week. All these beautiful images are from the Jak and Jil blog which you should really check out during fashion month, for the crème-de-la-crème of street style photography.

Number 1
It wouldn’t be fashion week without some kick-ass fierce footwear, now would it? Top tip: never attend fashion week without a perfectly finished pedicure…and manicure for that matter.

Number 2
And it certainly wouldn’t be New York without a heavy dose of Freaks, Geeks and Weirdos. I mean that in the nicest way possible, come on guys, this is the city that gave us Lady Gaga after all?

Number 3
Much like our glorious Britain (yes, you do detect a slight hint of sarcasm), New York will be bitterly cold this week. Fashionistas are never underprepared however, so expect to see them bundled up in some cozy-chic layers to fight off the chill.

Number 4
It seems that everyone’s dream occupation nowadays is ‘photographer’. Expect to see plenty of well dressed people carrying well posh cameras (as you can tell, I’m not an owner of such a camera), as they set out to become the next king or queen of street style photography, a la Scott Schulman or Garance Dore.

Number 5
Proenza Schouler, not so much a ‘Where’s Wally’ look-out as I expect we will see plenty of Proenza Schouler over NYFW. The kings of Manhattan style will no doubt be seen on the most stylish of street style subjects, as well as getting plently of coverage from the fashion press. PS continues to be THE one-to-watch every season.

Number 6
Taylor Tomasi-Hill is US Marie Claire’s accessories editor, and the chicest redhead on the fashion block. Never over-dressed or under-accessorized, Tomasi-Hill is one of my favourite people to look out for on street style blogs. Effortlessly stylish and super cool.

Number 7
Of course, NYFW wouldn’t be complete without teenage blogging sensation, Tavi.

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