Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kick Off Carnival

To kick off OSCAR Week in Los Angeles last night a host of celebrities turned out to celebrate The Fighter which has been nominated for a few awards at Sunday’s ceremony. Star of the film, Amy Adams, was back to wearing dark colours again after a brief flirtation with coral and fuchsia whilst in London for the BAFTAs. Her embellished little navy dress looked gorgeous though, so I’ll let her off, and so did her hair. Sporting the LWD (Little White Dress for those at the back) trend was Malin Akerman. I love the addition of the yellow belt and, unlike Emily Blunt a coulpe of weeks ago, she manages to work black tights with the look. As Grazia told us last week, the key to making black tights work with a white dress is to go for a high denier, which is exactly what Malin has done here. Yellow shoes to match the belt could have been a fun finish? Jenna Dewan also attended the soiree with her husband (the incredibly handsome) Channing Tatum. Her little black satin dress is cute enough, but she brings it to life with leopard print heels, a smattering of tribal style jewellery and her gorgeous dancer’s body. Seriously though, I really need to stop eating so many Freddos and attend a dance class.

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