Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pretty as a Piqué

I don’t really post about dudes that often because, well, I find fashion for men a bit boring. It’s like, there’s only so many suits you can look at before they all begin to look the same right? But I had to share with you these pictures of Gerard Piqué (AKA the new Mr. Shakira) in his new role as the face of H.E. by Mango.

The Spanish high street store has snapped up the FC Barcelona player to be the star of their menswear campaigns for two seasons, and, from the looks of these snaps, you can see why. I love the black jacket with the white piping, a piece that even the most fashion-handicapped males could throw on and look stylish in. But my favourite piece is the Alber Elbaz-esque purple bow tie. Oh how I long for the days where men never left the house without being suited and booted… I think I’ve been watching too much Mad Men again.

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