Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Thought for Thursday

Whatever happened to class? I’m not talking working class, middle class, upper class etc... I’m talking about class as a mannerism. As I do most mornings, I clicked onto my guilty pleasure of choice; the Daily Mail’s gossip pages this morning, only to be met THREE separate stories about the The Only Way Is Essex cast on holiday in Marbella. A review of Michelle Obama’s choice of gown for a state banquette (the first sign of something other than reality show ‘stars’) was, I kid you not, SEVENTEEN stories down! I had to wade through stories of MTV’s new show Geordie Shore (Newcastle’s chavtastic finest on display), Kerry Katona on the beach (did we really need to see that?) and Jordan’s newest tattoo (to cover up a previous ink tribute to her now ex-husband), amongst plenty other pointless articles.

Maybe I’ve just had an overdose of glamour after pawing over photographs from Cannes, but I seriously can’t stand our nation’s obsession with these talentless muppets. Every week the gossip rags use photos of them in various stages of drunken disorder, weightloss/ gain or lovelife strife to sell their copies. And the weirdest thing is, they DO sell! I see more people walking around with a copy of Heat sticking out of their bags than I do people with newspapers.

I wish I had been around to experience the Golden Age of Hollywood, the days where Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn were the women in the spotlight. Although I’m sure there will have been many scandals amongst them, and the rest of the actresses from these days, it is not the scandals that have made them icons. It is their beauty, style, elegance and grace, as well as a hint of mystery, that keeps their memory alive after so many years.

Mystery is the key element that is missing from the people we refer to as ‘D Listers’ nowadays. We know everything about everyone, and thanks to the increasingly intrusive paparazzi and their super zoom camera lenses, we have seen just about every inch of these people too. They court the media, and are so over exposed and over hyped that they have a very short shelf life. This is the one thing for which we can be grateful for in this scenario. In a few short years, these famous-for-being-famous types will disappear, and hopefully we will grow out of the phenomenon and get back to focusing on celebrities with actual talent and something worth celebrating.

Until then, I shall console myself with my Audrey Hepburn boxset, and wait for the tide of talentless tripe to drift back to the place whence they came.

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