Thursday, 8 December 2011

Final Year: Chapter One

It has been 2 months since my last post. Time to get back on this horse I think. University has been MENTAL, I had a whole project to complete in 6 weeks, a chapter of my case study to hand in, and the proposal for my major project to write. My life goes like this uni-work-home-bed, exciting :/ So, enough about me, and more about my work (that makes sense in my head). The project to be completed in 6 weeks was a magazine. We had to come up with the idea from scratch and then produce it and have it professionally printed and bound. I'm so proud of this project, especially my own input. I was the editor so a lot of weight of the project was on my shoulders at times but the finished magazine made the pressure worth it. I took the lead on most of the writing, but I also shot the front cover image which I was pleased with (I'm definitely not a photographer, so I surprised myself!) Here are some of the pieces that I'm most proud of, if you click on the images it should take you to a larger version so you can read the features.

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