Thursday, 19 August 2010

Festival Fashion Crisis

So, I’m currently deciding on what items from my wardrobe are going to make my Leeds Festival edit. This poses a great problem for me, as all I tend to want to wear when I’m there is thermals, a huge chunky polo neck jumper and a quilt (I’m always freezing, this isn’t some kind of bizarre fashion statement).

How to do festival chic when sleeping/ storing all ones clothes and make up in an actual tent. Obviously we tend to look to people like Alexa Chung for festival sartorial choices, but I seriously doubt she, A) stays in an actual tent, a posh campervan at the very least seems more likely. B) Has to pack all her clothes into a rucksack that is carry-able. And C) has to cope with not washing her hair for 4 days. So, of course, people like this are always going to look fabulous.

But still, I find myself looking to celebrity’s festival outfits for ideas. I can’t help it! They always look so effortless that I assume it’s something I can carry off too. Yep, I think this every year, and every year I am disappointed.

Sienna Miller has to be my ultimate festival fashionista icon. Well, she’s in my top 3 all time style icons so that’s probably why. (I guess some of you are now thinking that this post is just an excuse to post some yummy pictures of Sienna, well… you’d be right, but ssshh!)
Most of all, I love Miss Miller’s hair. It’s just so dreamy, and after 6 years in the spotlight, she is still my number 1 hair icon. ‘The Sienna’ is this generation’s ‘Rachel’ in my opinion. I’m sure I’m not the only girl who has attempted to recreate that effortless balance between bed head and beachy waves, or asked their colourist for the EXACT shade of golden baby blonde (neither of these feats have ever been executed to perfection, but I do have quite high standards). Another one of my favourite style icons, Blake Lively, frequently names Sienna as her own style icon, so I’m in good company.

And so to the good bit, here are some of my favourite off-duty Sienna looks. Remember, if you see someone looking as chic as this at Leeds Festival, assume it’s me :)

Of course I'm sure it is a lot easier to look this casually amazing when it's warm and sunny. Two things that I can pretty much guarantee a northern festival will not be.

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