Thursday, 19 August 2010

Blake Lively

After a few pretty posts, here’s something sexy for you. Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively is on the cover of the September issue of Interview. In the article she chats to Ben Affleck, which is available to read here. It made me chuckle. Lively recently wrapped The Town in which she stars alongside, and is directed by, Affleck.

These photographs by Craig McDean are stunning. Serena, I mean, Blake channels a Femme Fatale in her role as a stylish prison inmate. Her hair and make up are stunning. The modern Veronica Lake set waves mixed with the dark plum-red lip and feathery dark lashes are so striking on the cover (above). She has such a beautiful face.

I love all these looks. The photographs look like stills from a film noir. I think (although I keep changing my mind) my favourite image has to be the second one down in this post. Just look at those LEGS! Oh my lord, I have a huge weakness for sheer tights, especially seamed hold ups with a thick black top. I bought some seamed stockings for my Halloween outfit last year, I loved them. There is something so pleasurable about wearing hold ups, it’s a little secret that only you know underneath your clothes. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked…

I love the blue-green colour wash that seems to be over these pictures. I’m sure there is a correct name for this colour wash (is it something to do with gels in the lighting or something?).

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