Wednesday, 18 August 2010


The holy day is almost upon us people. Season 4 of Gossip Girl is set to premiere on 13th September in the US (and also to those of us savvy enough to find a way around the pesky wait times between American and English release dates). I think this series shows some meaty promise, in regards to both fashion and story.

Last season lacked a bit with story lines, and 'Little J' started to bug me, but according to this trailer... So far, so good. Plenty of open endings and no Taylor Momsen as she is too busy trying to be a rock star (your music is pretty good TM, just try a little less hard to be the second coming of Courtney Love and I may grow to like you).

So, on to the outfits. My absolute favourite has to be the red finale dress that Blair is wearing in as she meets a crutch toting Chuck. I saw this last month on RedCarpetFashionAwards. The dress and necklace are gorgeous! Not so sure about the bag colour, but perhaps it will work better on screen? I love this candid shot of Leighton Meester on set. A fabulous Oscar de la Renta gown paired with a pair of black Havaiana flip flops? Only in an A-List alternate reality.

Update: Couldn't agree with Coco's Tea Party more. She points out:
•Why is Blair wearing a doughnut on her head the moment she sees Chuck?
•Why is Georgina Sparks wearing metallic spandex when pregnant? How unflattering.
•And isn't Blair's red de la Renta dress at the end of the trailer stunning?

I can't make my links work, but the picture is pinched from and the video is from youtube

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