Monday, 9 August 2010

Vanity Fair

I’ve just managed to get hold of the Lady Gaga issue of Vanity Fair. I have to be honest and say I was a tad disappointed. From the video that I posted last week I thought the shots would have been better than they were. I mean, they were amazing (obviously, it’s Nick Knight) but I just thought the video looked better than the finished product. I think it was the volume, there are only 5 shots to accompany the article. I feel like I was expecting more, possibly an editorial length spread as it is the ‘Style Issue’. You’d have thought they could have had more style in, if only to please the millions of fans out there that are going to go out and spend nearly £5 (or more for dedicated overseas fans) and make this issue of Vanity Fair probably one of their biggest sellers of the year. I feel it’s unfair that a magazine that costs as much as it does can have a 12 page advertorial on spas but only 5 shots of the reason many people will buy the magazine. It makes me sad, the magazines that I understand were once (upon-a-time-ago) great, are now just stuffed full of adverts. It’s money over content and it sucks big time!

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