Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Nina Dobrev

So it seems that this is this year’s Teen Choice Awards look to loathe. Comments are ranging from ‘she’s a few months too late to make the 2010 Winter Olympics figure skating team’ to landing the un-coverted place on gofugyourself’s fug carpet. Personally I can’t see the problem. Yes it’s sparkly and yes it probably wouldn’t look out of place on a figure skater but come on, it’s not that bad! The dress is from the Alex Perry Spring 2010 line, more of which you can view here.

I love this collection. I had not been aware of Alex Perry before. Although I'm sure I will have seen an Alex Perry creation before as the whole collection looks red-carpet-ready. I can imagine Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood all loving this collection. Alex Perry is definatly on my radar now. There is something Marchesa-esque about it, minus some class and add some sass.

As I commented on Red Carpet Fashion Awards’ post, I am completely distracted by how utterly gorgeous Nina Dobrev is. The Vampire Diaries star has amazing hair and amazing figure – WOW! So possibly it is a bad dress, on someone else. Lets face it, this is the kind of girl that the phrase ‘would look good in a bin bag’ was invented for.

And the hair, OH MY LORD the HAIR! The volume! The perfectly un-done curls! The gloss! *Swoons* Why won't my hair just GROW already?

What do you think of the dress? Fabulous or Fugly?

(All pictures pinched from JustJared)

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