Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Girls at the Teen Choice Awards 2010

So now to my favourite looks from the Teen Choice Awards 2010.

I’m actually um-ing and ah-ing between a few looks to name as my absolute favourite, BUT, that accolade has to go to Kristen Bell.

I love her Stella McCartney A/W 2010 minidress. It sort of looks like a 2-in-1, the strapless beige embroidered dress underneath could probably pass as a dress on its own. I’m glad nothing was modified from the runway look though, as many red carpet dresses are for starlets nowadays. I think, if it doesn’t fit you/ isn’t appropriate you probably aren’t old enough to wear such a dress. 30 year old Kristen (I know right, 30?) obviously doesn’t have this problem, and I think she looks even better in this than the model did on the runway. It’s young, fun and not too dressy, above all it is very event appropriate.

The Glee Girls

I also liked Lea Michele’s look. But I was so stunned by how skinny she looked that it was kind of hard to LOVE the look. I mean it’s all there for me. Hot dress? Check. Luscious BIG hair? Check. Summer sandals (as opposed to the dreaded chunky YSL Trib Twos or, God forbid, ankle boots!)? Check. But the skinny! Be careful Lea, we all know what too much dieting can do to a girl!

Another look I loved was Jayma Mays. I think this shade suits her perfectly. Not just her colouring but her personality, she seems like a sunny kind of person to me. Love the skinny patterned belt that breaks up the solid colour and the metallic summer sandals (which look very similar to, if not the same as, Nina Dobrev’s).

The Hot Girls

I LOVE Megan Fox. Yes she isn’t the best actress, and she gets it wrong sometimes style-wise. But damn! She is so beautiful! Another ‘would look good in a bin bag’ situation me thinks. I actually really like her look at the Teen Choice Awards though. Although when you’re dressed in Isabel Marant it must be hard not to look good, even for those of us who aren’t blessed with the looks of a goddess. The only thing that cooled me down about this look was the boring black peep toes. Personally I would have preferred something lighter, maybe along the lines of Nina Dobrev’s metallic sandals to tie in with the skirt? Or fine strappy blue sandals.

Ashley Greene looked stunning, as always, on the blue carpet. Her Valentino cocktail dress was event appropriate but chic, without aging her. Perfect styling. Minimal accessories and a small black box clutch complemented the dress. Again, I hate to repeat myself, but the black peep toes wouldn’t have been my first choice. They work more here than Megan’s look, as they tie-in with the black embroidery on the dress, but they still feel slightly heavy for a hot LA day. Strappy sandals or a nude pointed pump could have worked well. Beautiful hair and make up though. Love the highlights and the soft wave, light and fresh make up completes a beautiful look.

Side note: When I see Ashley look as good as this I cringe and then get confused by the fact that they put her in that god-awful wig for Twilight. She is stunning, and I can see from pictures like this why they chose her to play Alice. But they make her look fugly in those films, when she is supposed to be even more beautiful than in real-life. Hmmm…)

So, what was your favourite look from the Teen Choice Awards? And what do you think of Ashley Greene’s Alice wig? Hahaha…

Again, all pictures pinched from JustJared.

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