Wednesday, 1 September 2010


It seems today is the day for editorial spreads. Well, I suppose as all the new issues are coming out this week, it was bound to happen.

I’m loving this cover shoot for Italian Vogue staring newlywed Miranda Kerr (she secretly married Orlando Bloom last month), more of which you can see here. She looks very beautiful, and even though I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have been pregnant when these were shot (I hope not as she has a cigarette in hand in one photo, tsk tsk), she does seem to have a ‘glow’. Oh the wonders of professionally applied makeup.

The shoot, including the cover, is done in 3D which is an awesome idea. It’s been done, before by Dazed and Confused, but there is something novel about a pure fashion magazine, such as Vogue, using 3D in its pages.

The photos all tread the borders of sexy, cheeky and cute, which make them so interesting to look at. I like shoots like this, where the interesting part is all down to the model as the background is so plain. This is when you need a model who knows how to act, and that is what Miranda is doing in these photographs, she is playing the part of a high-fashion temptress who flicks from sweet to sour in a page turn.

What do you think of this editorial? And does anyone know where I can get Vogue Italia up North?

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