Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A bit of Abbey

This is going to be an incredibly gushy post guys, so apologies in advance…

OH MY LORD, how gorgeous is Abbey Clancy? Words cannot describe. Peter Crouch, you are an absolute TOOL!

The former Britain’s Next Top Model contestant is on fine form for the new issue of LOVE magazine (the issue that I previously blogged about with the 8 different covers). All I want to know is, why didn’t Katie Grand put Abbey on a cover? If Kelly Brook landed a cover I don’t see why Abbey shouldn’t have been there too. Better her than that freaky ‘effin doll.

In this editorial titled ‘A Bit of Liverpool’ Abbey does ‘classy Clancy’ in a series of high-fashion outfits from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith and Salvatore Ferragamo. Her hair and make up seem to be channeling 60s chic, and I absolutely love the boufy pony tail. Does she remind anyone else of Sienna Miller in the close up photo?

Is there a better way to show your cheating ex what he’s missing than to look this devastatingly drop-dead gorgeous?

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