Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Mad Girls

It feels like ages since I posted my last blog. So to start off, I’m going to post a quick round up of the looks that stood out for me at the Emmy awards this past weekend.

The Mad Men female leads failed to hit the mark for me at this year’s Emmy awards. Elisabeth Moss looked simple but lovely in her one shoulder nude Donna Karan dress. January Jones’ electric blue Atelier Versace dress looked fabulous, although the lack of hair, make up and fierce shoes brought it down a notch for me personally. I think, at a push, Christina Hendricks is my favourite look of the three. I think the lilac of this Zac Posen gown looks gorgeous with her hair and pale skin, and the cut nips in perfectly to define her stunning hourglass figure. I just feel like I expected more from the 3 main stars of TV’s best looking show.

Altogether though, the girls do make a pretty picture.

I love Mad Men, it is definitely in my top 3 favourite TV shows. First of all, the costumes are just so beautiful. Very fitted, with never a crease to be seen, they look constricting but in such an elegant way. I read somewhere that the cast even wear vintage underwear, such as garters, corsets and the like, to get the correct posture for the time period. I hope they don’t wear vintage pants, gross. The writing is amazing, the story lines are never boring. It may seem slow to people used to watching TV shows where there is a beginning, middle and end in each episode, as the storylines tend to run for the full season. But they are so well written, and brilliantly executed by a genuinely amazing cast.

I need to get my hands on the next issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the cover of which I came across on the Daily Mail website this morning. The three women share the back seat of a car with main man Don Draper (played by John Hamm). Now, these dresses are much more like it. Nude seems to be Elisabeth’s colour of choice, and why not as it certainly looks beautiful on her. I also much prefer this blush pink tone to the beige-y hue worn at the Emmy’s. The corset style of the dress is a world away from the usually frumpy outfits her character, Peggy Olsen, wears on the show. Christina Hendricks unleashes her inner-Jessica Rabbit in a blood red off the shoulder fitted cocktail dress. The colour is a gorgeous clash with her fiery hair, and the fit, again, highlights that famous figure. January Jones is my favourite on this cover. Her amazing beaded and embroidered dress is really beautiful. Jones usually looks like the perfect demure debutant-housewife as Betty Draper, so the thigh high split adds much needed spice to her character. What I really want to know though is, where is her hand? I can’t work out whether she has it bent back into the shadows or it’s just another dodgy photoshop job.

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