Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Any excuse to post something Sienna Miller related. The new issue of LOVE magazine features a whopping 8 different covers.
A preview of each cover has been released on featuring:

• Alessandra Ambrosio: The Angel
• Rosie Huntington Whiteley: The Siren
• Giselle Bundchen: The Bomshell
• Lauren Hutton: The Heroine
• Agyness Deyn: The Rebel
• A Freaky Looking Doll: The Mannequin
• Kelly Brook: The Sweetheart
• Sienna Miller: The Pin-Up

    Oh my gosh, I can't stop STARING at the Sienna cover. Her body looks incredible, why is it that celebrities can get this amazing glowing brown shade with fake tan where as I go a lovely shade of tango no matter which product I use?
    But, what really catches and holds my attention is her stunning face. She's almost unrecognizable. The glossy intense black eye make up looks striking against her grey-blue eyes. But the vampy dark red on her lips? I’m in a makeup day dream, and I love it! It looks darker at the corners compared to the rest of her mouth, I think this is just a shadow, but it reminds me of Christina Aguilera in the Lady Marmalade video.

    Hers was a Marmite look, people either loved it or hated it, I loved it, and every Halloween I always attempt to re-created that shaded mouth effect with varying degrees of success. I really can’t stop looking at this image, every time I complete a sentence I flick back to it and just gaze…

    SO, I love the idea of the 8 different covers. It does cause a conundrum if you want more than one, but as it’s only out twice a year it gives us plenty of time to raise funds to collect them all. My favourite cover, apart from the Sienna obviously, is Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

    The first thought that popped into my head when I saw this cover was, wow, she looks like a real life Jessica Rabbit. That hourglass shape is fabulous, so amazingly exaggerated, she looks too good to be true. I’m loving the dress, I have a major thing for leopard print at the moment, I’m constantly wrapped up in my purple H&M-pretending-to-be-Louis-Vuitton scarf. That gorgeous shade of ginger looks beautiful against her skin tone, and her glossy red pout and winged eye-liner completes her stunning 1940’s look.

    I’m not so fond of the Agyness Deyn and Alessandra Ambrosio covers. I don’t think I’ve ever been a big Agyness Deyn fan, I may have jumped on the band wagon for a short time a while ago, but the skin head just doesn’t do her any favours.
    I normally LOVE Alessandra Ambrosio. She is really incredibly beautiful, and normally editorials that she is featured in, like this, get me really excited in a major girl-crush way:

    But this cover does nothing for me and my girl-crush. It’s the bleached eyebrows, I know. They make her look angry, or sad, I can’t work out which. It’s a bit of a shock when I’m used to seeing her in full on Victoria’s Secret Angel mode.

    LOVE covers pinched from Alessandra editorial image pinched from

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