Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Hills Have Style

I have a feeling that a lot of people will disagree with me on this point, but if you pay close attention to the pictures, they really do speak for themselves. I really like Lauren Conrad’s style. Ok, so before you throw something at me or ask me to look at some ‘real style icons’, just hear me out. Yes, she comes from a reality TV show background, so by default she should be sartorially handicapped. But she really does know how to put together a stylish ensemble that is neither too ground-breaking nor too boring.

I think many people overlook LC’s style because she always looks nice. Oh ‘nice’, that terrible word that is usually followed by ‘sweet’ or ‘cute’ in a condescending tone of voice. Although she never looks ‘out-there’ or ‘edgy’, you’ve got to hand it to Lauren, the girl always looks immaculately put together, with not even a perfectly groomed hair out of place. I think of her as a tame Olivia Palermo, with slightly less fashion know-how, but plenty of can-do.

As these pictures show, she often looks flawless at the events she attends and hardly ever puts a fashion foot wrong. Like the most recent image of her, this blue floor length gown is actually by Topshop, proof that high street can look high fashion on a girl with the right amount of style.

My favourite LC looks of recent times are:

The white Notte by Marchesa mini dress that she wore to a signing for her new book. I absolutely fell in love with this dress at first sight. As previously mentioned, I’m obsessed with weddings, and this dress is now on my wish list if I ever have a beach/ quite affair type wedding, or for the after party. Do you not think it would look gorgeous with a really simple short, baby pink bouquet and a 60s style short poofy veil? I do.

The long sleeved mini dress she wore for ‘The Hills’ wrap pool party. I love mini dresses with long sleeves, I think it’s good to leave something to the imagination when your hemline is so high. I like how she is constantly changing her hairstyle too, and here it is styled in an easy ponytail, but plenty of volume at the roots, and tonged ends, stops it becoming boring. I love Audrina’s outfit at this event too, hence the picture.

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