Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Spring Chicken

My current lady love, Leighton Meester, has been quick off the mark with a majority of Spring 2011 collections. While most of us are still getting used to this sudden freezing coldness (seriously though, why is it suddenly -100 degrees ALL the time?) celebrities have been snapping up the glorious goodies designers have to offer for the next wave of warmth (look at all that alliteration!).

At the Country Strong premiere Leighton becomes only the second celebrity to wear a look from Marc Jacobs’ most recent collection, after Karen Elson last week. And she looks gorgeous (ok, so I’m slightly biased) whilst doing so. I love that she hasn’t chosen something safely sexy, cute or classic, a bit of quirk never did anyone any harm.

She did Blair Waldorf proud in a classy mini dress from Giambattista Valli. I love this simple look. The glossy curls, statement necklace, an navy pumps are very Blair like which is different for Leighton, as she normally likes to wear something that will make a clear distinction between her and the character she plays on Gossip Girl. To me, Blair = impeccable grooming, neutral make up and timeless designs. Leighton = edgy designers, smoldering eyes and quirky accessories.

As posted a couple of weeks ago, Leighton was also the first person to take the Elie Saab collection for a spin on the red carpet. This again could have been a very ‘Blair’ look, but the slightly disheveled ‘do and smoky makeup take it back into Leighton territory. It could be the matchy-matchy accessories that make me think of Blair?

What has been your favourite Leighton Meester Spring 2011 look so far?

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