Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I Love Leighton

I love these gorgeous images of Leighton Meester from the December issue of Marie Claire.

I always seem to be mentioning Leighton, I think it’s because she is just so damn amazing. I have loved her in Gossip Girl forever! Blair is by far the best character in the show, followed very closely by Chuck (obviously), the rest lack epic storylines and come across a bit flat. I even loved Blair in the books, she’s everything a girl should aspire to be: a beautiful, scheming rich bitch…that is a joke…maybe.

The real life Blair could not be less Blair-like. Leighton’s personal off-set style is quirky and edgy, but in a cool Proenza Schouler way, not in a “Hi, look how hardcore I am” way. No prizes for guessing who I’m referring to in that sentence.

She looks very anti-Blair in these images too. The black and white shots are my favourite, as I discussed yesterday I’m in love with black winged eye makeup. I especially love the image with (what I believe to be) a Chanel temporary tattoo on the back of her shoulder, she looks like a fallen ballerina.

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