Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Making Waves

I might be a little bit early with this prediction, but hey-ho lets go for it anyway. After indulging in the three part BBC period drama, Upstairs Downstairs, over the festive period I have become aware of rising British starlet, Claire Foy. As the rebellious younger sister of Keeley Hawes character in the programme, Foy caught my eye as she played her part of spoilt little rich girl so devilishly well. Could Claire be 2011’s first fashion one-to-watch?

She’s currently starring alongside Nicholas Cage in Season of the Witch, and is doing the rounds promoting it. She was in New York at the beginning of this week at the film’s premiere wearing this wonderfully simple neutral outfit. I’m really looking forward to seeing more from Claire on the red carpet, I hope we get to see some pictures from more Season of the Witch premieres!

Also, does anyone else think she looks strikingly similar to Alexis Bledel? This makes me love her even more.

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