Thursday, 6 January 2011

My Choice from the People's Choice

The People’s Choice Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, and I was surprised by the amount of looks that I liked. There was, thankfully, a distinct lack of fashion disasters, and plenty of glamorous cocktail hour looks to choose from.
I have picked a selection of what I think are the Best Looks of the Night. Included are old favourites, (Taylor Swift, Leighton Meester) new favourites (Minka Kelly, Kaley Cuoco) and a very surprising favourite (Kristen “thank god her mullet has finally grown out” Stewart), amongst other gold-star worthy starlets…

I’m going to go ahead and put Kristen Stewart at the top of my list, she’s not necessarily my absolute favourite from the night, but she’s damn close. I used to think that KStew + a glitzy-girly dress = disaster. But something has shifted, because she looks fabulous in this embellished mini. So fabulous, in fact, that I’ve included two pictures so you can see the dress from every angle. I’m giving full credit to the hair, the flowing chestnut waves have replaced the fugly raven mullet, and I can’t get over how much BETTER she looks! It’s amazing, a true transformation. Please Kristen, don’t do anymore 80’s set movies anytime soon, I, and the whole fashion world, beg of you!

Next up is Selena Gomez: a true lesson in how to dress your age if you’re under 21. Her red carpet dress was this beautiful blush pink mini with a ruffled shoulder detail. It’s such a cute look, with just a hint of sexy, which is perfectly appropriate for the 18-year-old. I love her side swept hair, glowing tan, smoky eyes and pale pink lips which, together, give the look a modern Sixties vibe. Her second look, which she wore to perform in and is seen here in the Press Room, is also another lesson in perfection. The pattern gorgeous and the colours really suit her tan. I like how she has kept her accessories to a minimum, with just a pair of statement earings, as some stars tend to over do it with earrings, a necklace AND a bangle. Don’t even get me started on her shoes, which are, in a word, heavenly.

My favourite Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, and Minka Kelly are up next, wearing Vionnet and Vivienne Westwood, respectively. These lovely ladies could be sisters don’t you think? I was staring at a close up picture and they both have really similar features, especially the eyes and something about the mouth? Anyway, moving onto the clothes… I love that Leighton has moved away from trying too hard to be ‘edgy’ and she has come back to the feminine flirty side. This dress is very cute, and I love the coral earrings to match the floral print on the front. You can’t see her shoes in this picture very well, it looks like she’s wearing boring black pumps, but in fact they’re the loveliest pair of purple shoes I’ve seen in a while (I have a bit of a thing for purple). I hate to say this, but I actually prefer Minka’s look over Leighton’s. She really does look amazing, I had been tiring of the Vivienne Westwood signature neckline, but this dress has reminded me why it is so popular. A glowing tan, rosy cheeks and a loose up-do keeps the look fresh and young. It’s easy to see why Minka Kelly was recently voted the World’s Most Beautiful Woman.

Two different uses of tulle were showcased by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry at the awards. Opting for a peachy-pink cut out number by Jason Wu, Taylor looks gorgeous in a dress that looks to be inspired by the recent ballet trend. I love the trend for ballet, I’ve got my eye on quite a few pleated midi-skirts as we speak, and I CAN’T WAIT to see Black Swan (you may have noticed me mention it a few times…) Katy Perry gets the award for Most Fun Use Of Tulle And Colour. After showing us her sophisticated style for her past few red carpet appearances, in designers such as Elie Saab and Marchesa, Katy gives us something kooky by way of this Betsey Johnson number. Loving her dorky face in this picture.

Talking about Black Swan, the stars of the film, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, were also at the PCAs. Neither wowed me, which is a shame, but they both looked nice enough. I wasn’t so keen on Natalie’s dress, her attempt to hide a growing baby bump left her looking a bit frumpy. Mila’s lush shoes and even lush-er hair, made up for the fact that her dress didn’t look to fit quite right and the colour was a little…lacking.

I’m pushed to call it, but I think Kaley Cuoco was my favourite at the 2011 PCAs. I love how simple the dress is, it looks like it would feel amazing. I love her simple accessories, with just a bangle, a pair of drop earrings and a mini clutch. Her swept up ‘do looks amazing, and the bright pop of pink on her lips is just what she needed to complete her look. Minus the belt, I think a dress like this would be my dream bridal gown (“here she goes again, talking about weddings.” Did I just take the words right out of your mouth?). Simple perfection.

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