Monday, 7 February 2011

Inspire Me Monday

To perk up a mundane Monday I have been browsing a few of my favourite retailers online. I’m not entirely sure why because I have no money so surely looking at pretty things I can’t really afford should make me sad, but it has in fact given me a bit of inspiration. Whilst I was saving the images of the things I came across that I wanted to feature on here, I noticed that I seem to be in the mood for girly dresses in pretty colours.

I hardly ever wear dresses, apart from on nights out, I always seem to default to jeans and a t-shirt for everyday dressing. But every outfit I fall in love with recently usually has something to do with a dress or a skirt. I really want to start making more effort with my everyday appearance, and I think there are worse ways to start than a pretty girly dress. Of course, as I live in the UK and the temperatures a positively arctic, I will need to invest a few pairs of quality tights or leggings.

Other things I currently love: ‘look-at-me’ shoes with a platform and statement trousers.

Images 1-4 H&M, images 5-8 Topshop, images 9-12 ASOS.

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