Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Here Kitty Kitty

And here we have, yet again, Amanda Seyfried. Sorry if you guys are getting fed up with my posts about her, but she does strike a mean pose for shoots. She looks stunning in black and white, with my favourite image being the one with the gorgeous fluffy kitty being slung over her shoulder. My least favourite image has to be the one with the goose. No offence to Amanda, because she looks gorgeous, but I’m terrified of birds (with geese being second on my list of ‘Most Terrifying’ after pigeons) so it freaks me out to look at it!

Which is your favourite image?

Also worth noting, is how fabulous Amanda looked at the premiere of Red Riding Hood the other night. Wrapped in a purple Lanvin mini dress, Amanda looked gorgeous with a wavy dishevelled updo completeing the look.

She didn't really have much competition on the red carpet to be honest, apart from the lovely Kat Graham, who stars in The Vampire Diaries, in this show stopping red number.

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