Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Music (a few days later than) Monday

I first heard this band about 4 years ago just as I was going through my A levels and getting ready to leave college. They had a song floating around called Nothing Good Has Happened Yet, and it was my favourite song in the world for about a month (which is a long time for me). I’ve not heard anything from them since then, after asking the BF he advised me that they “did a shit album and then disappeared”, into the abyss of think-what-could-have-been bands.

That is until the end of last week. Whilst I was driving in the awesome sunshine, with my window rolled down (I know, right!?) a song came on the radio that soon had pretty much all of my attention, minus the bare minimum it takes to stay on the road and out of the hedges. At first I thought it was a new Alexisonfire song, because the singer’s voice sounds so similar to Dallas Green. But as the song drew to a close, Fearne Cotton announced that it was in fact the new song from “a band called We Are The Ocean”. I was so excited, and so glad that this song is actually good and I could get excited about some new music again. Or maybe I was just so excited that I’d finally found something to kick Rebecca Black’s Friday out of my head, either way, I was happy.

Do you like this song as much as me? Also, do you get stuck in music ruts from time to time? I’m currently rotating three albums in my car and that is the only music I hear apart from the radio.

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