Thursday, 5 May 2011

Beauty Inspiration: Diane Kruger

Not only was Diane Kruger wearing my favourite dress of the night at the Costume Institute Met Gala, she also sported my favourite beauty look.
The blonde bombshell kept her eye make up fresh and light by using a metallic cream eye shadow and fluttery lashes to frame her peepers. Her porcelain complexion was buffed to perfection and she had just a hint of blush on the apples of her cheeks (oh to have Diane's killer bone structure!) The perfect finishing touch to this timeless look was a precision applied swipe of rouge on her lips. I love the combination of blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips, it's such a classically beautiful look.

I was so inspired by Diane's ruby red pout that I treated myself at the Mac counter the other day to a brand new red lipstick. I purchased their Russian Red, which has a matte finish and is what I assume beauty aficionados refer to as a 'True Red'. I was actually looking for a satin finish to get a replica of Diane's look, but it turns out that Mac don't do reds in a satin finish, how odd? I thought satin would be the most popular texture of lipstick in our 'obsessed with lip gloss' age. Anyway, I'm sure it's nothing a base of lip balm can't solve. I plan road test this look out tomorrow night, although I'm going out for a meal so I'm not sure how long the colour will last against the power of tapas. I will make sure to report back on how the road test went. Wish me luck!

Also getting Power Pout Points (try saying that after one too many cocktails) is Emma Stone. A hot blonde in hot pink is always going to be a winner in my book.

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