Monday, 9 January 2012

Nicole Richie's Sophisticated Style

I love Nicole Richie's style. Always have, always will. She was photographed over the weekend at a press conference for her new TV show Fashion Star. The reality show will see Nicole become a mentor to aspiring fashion designers. The first picture is a suit designed by Antonio Berardi and the second look is by Chloe. I'm surprised that Nicole didn't take this opportunity to promote her own Winter Kate clothing range, but nevertheless she looks beautiful. Long gone are the boho days it would seem, although secretly I do miss Boho Nicole. I absolutely ADORE the Antonio Beradi suit, especially the trousers. She looks amazing.

Also, check out how amazing Nicole's hair looks at the moment. I've recently been contemplating fringe (again) and this picture does little to put me off. She also has the most perfect dreamy, creamy blonde.

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