Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Brigitte Bardot

Now, I’m a bit slow off the mark with this one seeing as though Grazia first published these pictures in APRIL! But, nevertheless I am taking the time now to post them as they have just re-appeared on the Vogue Blog. French supermodel, Letitia Casta, has been perfectly cast(a) (see what I did there?) as Brigitte Bardot in a new film revolving around the life of French singer-songwriter, actor and director Serge Gainsbourg.

I love the whole Brigitte Bardot look. When I think of timeless looks I like, the BB is second only to the Audrey Hepburn.

I love the smoky cat-eye make up that became a Bardot signature in the 1950s and 60s. This is a look that is still as relevant today as it was then, everyone, from Kate Moss to Pixie Lott, frequently works the dark smoky eye. A look that I will no-doubt be channeling myself this weekend in an attempt to disguise the layers of dirt I will acquire from the muddy fields of Bramham Park.

The bead-head look with the hair is also a modern classic established by Brigitte Bardot. Today it is championed by stars such as the Olsen twins (especially Mary-Kate), Sienna Miller and Blake Lively. I love this look. Even though it does look like all you’ve done is rolled around in bed and then backcombed it a little, trust me, it takes A LOT of effort.

Sienna Miller's Bardot hair and eyes in Alfie.

Sexy beach waves on the Gossip Girls for Rolling Stone, 2009

A modern smoky eye on Mary-Kate for W magazine, Jan 2006

From what I’ve read/ tried/ been told, it’s best to prep the hair first. Bumble & Bumble seem to have some of the best ‘beach effect’ hair products out there so I’d recommend starting with their Prep Spray for normal hair, or Thickening Spray to give fine hair extra volume. Or possibly even a mixture of both for extra ‘oomph’, just be careful not to over saturate the hair because this will have the opposite effect, and weight the hair down. Blow dry using a diffuser, keep your head tipped upside down for the most volume and to make sure you get some movement into the all important underneath layers. When hair is nearly dry, but still slightly damp to the touch (I believe they call this stage ‘towel dry’) spritz through a decent amount of salt spray. Again, one of the best on the market is Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray, which aims to give hair a ‘salty, sexy, sun-dried wind-styled feel’. For a cheaper option, VO5’s Surf Style seems to work pretty well. When hair is pretty much dry flip your head up and work your hands around the hair in a ‘scrunching’ motion, basically screw your hair up, like a piece of paper, towards your scalp. Finish with a blast of cold air through your diffuser to ‘set’ the style, and a mist of hairspray. At the moment I’m using a L’Oreal Professional one that my hairdresser gave me which is FAB, but Elnett or, my housemate’s favourite, John Frieda Luxurious Volume (the one in the blue can) will work just as well.

Et Voila! A perfect Bardot mussed up look. Just don’t go out in the wind/ rain. This hair deserves a taxi at the very least.
Is this a style you have tried/ will try? Or do you prefer something a little more 'done'?

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