Monday, 2 August 2010

Lady GaGa

How beautiful does Lady GaGa look on the cover of the September issue of Vanity Fair UK? She looks like a mythalogical creature, or Lady Godiva, I love it! Grey seems to be the shade to colour your hair at the moment, with model Kristen McMenamy leading the pack by sporting her natural shade. Embracing the shade hair turns when it has been over-bleached seems a natural step for GaGa, who had previously sported lilac/blonde locks (another outcome of over-dyeing).
She has been photographed by Nick Knight, with whom she is a frequent collaborator. If you haven't already seen her SHOWstudio interview, search it on YouTube, it's such a good watch for GaGa fans and followers.
The interviews in Vanity Fair always tend to be well rounded, with lots of angles covered not just the generic: 'What is your favourite shade of lipstick?' and the like. I hope this interview follows that trend. I only buy Vanity Fair occasionally, but this issue will definately find its way into my collection.
On a sidenote: Does anyone else think that Nick Knight will be a future director for one of her mini-movies? (You can't really call them music videos can you?)

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