Monday, 2 August 2010


Oh holy Christ, who ever decided to unleash this concept on the world (yes, hang your head in shame, Louis Walsh) needs a stern talking to.

According to X Factor novelty act, Jedward, are to release a clothing line. Now, this is just all getting a little ridiculous isn't it? Nowadays, it seems that anyone who is no-one can 'design' a line.

The most logical way that this is going to work is Jedward putting their name to a high street line, but what male high street store would want them? I can't see Topman, River Island, Burton, or H&M wanting to collaborate with the irritating twins. One of the stores I could see being open to this would be New Look, who have a blink and you'll miss it menswear section in larger stores. They have already joined forces with the C-list likes of Lily Allen and Taylor Momsen, so I could see them lowering standards further by using the Z-list Twits for promotion.
Would you buy anything from Jedward's clothing range?

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