Friday, 3 September 2010

V hearts Gaga

It would seem that V magazine has a big crush on Lady Gaga. And with the number of issues she no-doubt sells for them, why the heck not?

The new Princess of Pop is on V’s cover again, after appearing by herself in a vividly bright form on the cover last September.
This time, striking a pose as Lady Liberty, she is joined by Mr. Marc Jacobs for V’s New York themed issue. I definitely DEFINITELY have to track down this issue, mainly for these reasons:

I have a huge-unable-to-hide-girl-crush on Lady G.

I love Marc Jacobs, I just have an urge to sit him down and interview him.

It's New York themed. I have yet to be lucky enough to go to New York, but I have a feeling that if/ when I do go I won’t want to/ actually come back.

Nicola Formichetti has given them an interview talking about a year in the life of being Lady Gaga’s style collaborator (i.e. a MUST READ).

A profiling piece titled City of Dreams includes interviews with Proenza Schouler, Diane Von Furstenburg and Alexander Wang among others.

Looking through the accompanying photoshoot on Fashion Gone Rogue (yes, yes, I know I’m spoiling it for myself but I’m just too darn impatient) makes me want to find the issue even more. I love the character in all of the shots, and one of my other favourites, Chloe Sevigny, is also featured in the pages.

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