Friday, 3 June 2011

Weekend Shopping List

This weekend I will be going to look at a couple of houses that could potentially be my next home. Here is what I would like from said home...

A Living room with high ceilings, a wood burning fire and neutral decor.

A quaint country style kitchen, decorated in a girly vintage style, from which I can bake cookies and cupcakes and whatnot.

A marble bathroom with a super deep tub (open fire optional).

A bedroom with lots of windows to allow plenty of sunshine in. Much to the annoyence of my I-need-total-darkness-to-sleep boyfriend I would imagine.

A pink room from which to do all my writing. A girly blog needs girly inspiration after all.

A sunroom with huge glass windows and super comfy sofas to lounge on whilst drinking raspberry mojitos mixed at the (just out of shot) bar.

A library with ladders, because no home is complete without one.

I don't think this is too much to ask of a £400 a month budget in Huddersfield, do you?

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